League of Legends strategy for early game

Today we’re looking at some early game lol strategy and tactics to get you ahead early (or prevent your opponent from doing so).

When you enter the Summoner’s Rift, you have about a minute and a half before the minions are on the map. During this time, most people like to emote spam with their support in bushes or do a staring battle with their lane opponent. While fun, they aren’t very productive activities. Today, we’ll give you more ideas for what to do in the early game.

LoL strategy of early invasion

“Invading”. This term is thrown around a lot. At level 1, you can try to pick up your first kill simply by taking a sneaky route into the enemy jungle with your entire team. An organized team will see this invasion coming from afar, but you’d be surprised to see how many times invades work, especially in solo queue. There are many routes you can take into the enemy jungle, some sneakier than others, so feel free to be creative!

You can usually start an invasion by simply spamming your “On my way” ping at a particular location on the map when the game starts. To make an invade work, however, you’ll need someone with a strong form of crowd control at level 1. For example, Blitzcrank can hook people from afar. Morgana can hit her year-long binding, which usually results in a guaranteed kill. Even Olaf can be extremely strong, as he can keep picking up his ax, throwing it at the nearest enemy, and slowing them down until they’re dead.

You can even get creative with how you enter the jungle. In recent seasons, people have been using abilities like Rakan’s W and Rell’s W to jump over walls like Dragon Pit and Baron Pit without being seen and using that to their advantage to get behind enemy lines. There’s no limit to how creative you can get with these – big brains will win here.

League of Legends strategy guide “GOAT Cheese”

We’ve already mentioned invading as a way to get First Blood at the earliest time in the game. However, more techniques can net your first blood, even in higher ELOs. At level 1, it’s common practice for either bot lane or top lane to “leash” their jungler. This means they help them clear their first camp.

Since leashing is so common, you usually predict where the enemy will walk after they’re done leashing. For instance, when a team decides to leash the Red Buff for their jungler, they will often walk through what we call the “Tri-Brush” to get back into the lane. This is the perfect place to set up a tent, waiting for the enemy to step into their untimely death. This cheese is so effective that even players in high diamond are caught by it. Truly the greatest of all time.

Champions like Sett, Camille, and Gangplank for top-lane and Jhin, Kai’Sa and Bard for bot-lane are some of the many strong leash cheesers in the game. Of course, when playing into champions that are strong at level 1, you should always be careful that you don’t fall into such traps yourself. It’s always a huge risk walking back to lane if you haven’t seen your enemy yet, so give a shorter leash to take a long way around if you have to.

Level 1 strategizing is part of the hilarity of League. With champions like Sion and Singed in the game, you never know what might happen at level 1. It’s no wonder that the true Summoner’s Code of League of Legends includes: “Don’t go AFK at Level 1”. Have fun Summoner.

League of Legends basic strategy

Vision / Warding Tricks

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, learning how to place wards in LoL is essential. With the rightward placement, you can tell where the enemy is moving and rotating on the map, which helps you make better decisions. You can learn useful techniques on how to place wards safely without the enemy knowing when you are placing them.

You need to learn to place an objective ward, challenging wards, and early wards. You can see more of these tricks online and equip yourself with the knowledge to use them next to play the game.

First-buy items

There are some items you will regularly need, and you can find them in the lol strategy guide for champions. You can familiarize yourself with the cost so you can prepare the right amount to buy them before you return to base for them. Knowing the price index makes you efficient when you decide to make a purchase, giving you an upper hand over your opponent.

Character pool / Flexibility

LoL has over 140 characters, but it is not wise to stick to one or a few of them. It would be best if you tried as many characters as possible before you reach level five. Trying out different characters enables you to gauge the one best suited for you to play.

Playing with one character can stick you in a rut, which can be frustrating when you get banned out. Playing with different characters also makes the game lively, and it feels like you are playing a new game.

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